A few months ago Rand Fishkin from Moz proved that queries and clicks influence Google’s results. What was just a prediction of what could happen quickly became reality. Click-through rate (CTR) has become Google’s No. 1 factor in ranking websites.

Another important metric is dwell time. This measures how long it takes for someone to return to the search engine after clicking on a result.

Improving your CTR and dwell time is called crowd search optimization and that’s exactly what the system we want to tell you about helps you do…

With this push button system, all you need to do is:

– Enter your site and keywords

– Wait for a ‘crowd search army’ to search for your keywords in Google and click the link to your website

This system called CrowdSearchMe is 100% automated and Google safe. Nothing to download and install…

What are you waiting for? Click here to get it now and skyrocket your Google rankings in no time. This is a proven and tested method…

Not convinced? Watch this video…

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Some Result

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