First step: research keywords

This is an important step for the success of a website / blog. The idea is to find one or more keywords with decent volumes ( greater than 1000 ) and a CPC ( cost per click) right adwords (> 1$) .
For his study of keyword here the main tools:
Google Keyword Planner
Google suggest ( when you start typing a keyword, UberSuggest gives you a list of all suggestions)
Google related search ( related queries below position 10 )
The study of keyword competition (via SEMrush KeywordSpy or software)
The ultimate tool that do all previous points in 1 click secockpit

Order by profitability Niche


Step Two: Analysis of competition

This analysis can take time. The idea is to check the number of referring domains , statistics majesticseo , Moz authority , seniority of the site, the quality of its content and its optimization ” onsite ” ( in the content pages ) on all sites in the first page on a particular keyword .
If you want to do on your 20 main keywords it can take a whole day.
We use SECockpit that in one click gives us two crucial information ( an orange representing the competition and green representing the profitability of the niche see above ) .
When I click on a keyword , I instantly statistics page 1 here eg ” hotel strasbourg ” CPC $ 4.4 and exact volume of 14,800 searches , competition page 1 is not very strong .
I could easily slip in position 4 with a few links, and position 1 on the request more long tail type ” luxury hotel strasbourg “, ” best hotel strasbourg “, ” hotel downtown Strasbourg ” keywords found via SECockpit by launching a search for ” hotel strasbourg “.

Step Three: Book your domain name and set up his wordpress

Again SECockpit allows us to find the EMDs ( areas with exact keywords inside) available on all long tail keywords . In general , I check on Alert- Domain which is very fast and I reserve on InternetBS ( whois free hidden option ) or OVH hosts that are offering the best prices. To mount a wordpress blog in minutes with a CPanel Softaculous will do ( planethoster , EuroWh , Be1host , Ex2hosting , dreamhost , hostgator , bluehost , Webhostingpad , GreenGeeks … ) and a paid theme on ThemeForest ( we like bigfeatures , axiom , gonzo , TypeGrid , lightblog ) SEO optimized ( SEO ) and light enough .

Step Four: Buy or submit content

If you have time then your keyboard , otherwise management odesk or student forums to find a good writer cheap. On the number of words per article I tend to take as 500 words before I leave today free editor between 300 and 1200 words. An article of 100 words somewhat very well positioned , the idea is to have content neat (images, videos, h2 tags ) and that pleases the user. Video often helping to increase the time spent on the page and reduce the bounce rate , while sending an authority to the girl named Google Youtube link.

Step Five : Send juice

By far the most important step for the success of a site. In our case, for , I opted for the quickest and cheapest solution: spamco ( comment spam : not the most effective in the long term). You can do this by hand (you can easily make 6-10 hour once you are well established with a good list ) or again ” outsourced ” taking care to briefing the person.
Ask him to do such as the non- optimized anchor on thematic blogs (name + name + profile picture comment female ) to get the best validation rate .
We also added one or two items on our network. This step is very important. In total, it took a few hundred euros in the ” linking” (obtaining external links : backlinks ) and a hundred in the content, and if you want to move to a higher stage it will rely a good layer.

To build Backlinks i can also advice

– Senuke XCR (For me, the best seo software)

RankWyz (Perfect System for building Powerful web 2.0 authority sites on autopilot. Use it as Tier 1 to link your money site)

Packref (You will find cheap, serious and powerful link building service)

Step Six: Analyze and monetize

Today, the site reports a ten euros / month Adsense (CPC € 0.4 ) with a relatively low 0.40% CTR ( can largely tend towards the 1.5% investment inserts adsense in our content). We put up some affiliate links Agoda there a week that did not report at the moment, but that could potentially pay big dividends. If one of these online reserves its week at the ” Majestic Barriere ” in Cannes with our cookie and fart champagne ! In affiliation , be patient and optimize up to see the first results, but once the machine is started ( eg an article that rank on the name of a luxury hotel at € 1,000 / night first) and c is the jackpot.

Step Seven: Optimize for better transform

I don’t advise you to put banners on your site or widgets bid rotation ( unless you are paid to click) , it does not transform . What transforms this is the text (or button) link naturally integrated into the text with a good CTA ( call to action : an action button visible and that makes you want ) . To find the CTA good you can watch the texts of adwords advertisers pay per click and therefore maximizes their text processing.

Step Eight: Reinvest to grow

If you eat your first affiliate / adsense or other gains you will not go far . The idea is rather to reinvest 100% of its earnings in the content, link and right tools to achieve a good income. Investing in majesticseo example is the bare minimum for SEO . You can also take only SECockpit (which includes stats Moz competitors on page 1 + Generator + Keyword Competition Analysis and profitability of the niche) , which can be coupled with the most powerful SEO tool that I n ‘ve ever seen ( which I have access in beta) to be launched around mid-March.
Those who register on SECOCKPIT will be kept informed of the output of the tool in mid-March , and those who want to participate in the launch as an affiliate (promoting the best SEO tool with a affi revshare 30% lifetime it can pay big dividends ) can register here .

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