As the years move forward, creating an SEO strategy that is agile is more important than ever. Google’s ranking factors change significantly every year, with many factors increasing or decreasing importance.

As in previous years, the production of high-quality content is always crucial, but 2015 shows an increased focus on relevance. Social media and signals are constantly increasing in importance, with Google+ always the most important factor of social classification. On-page factors such as speed of your site have become more important in 2015. Users signals to link factors, there were a number of key changes to this year’s ranking factors.

Experts and SEO same brands should take note of these important changes to ensure that their website stays on top of the search engines results pages and their strategy is adaptable. But first you have to focus on profitable keywords.

SEO Ranking Factors- What’s Big in 2015?



In Conclusion Top 5 Rankings Factors are:

Top Ranking Factors

The Perfect SEO Software:

Best Seo Software


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