We all know Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram … but you know Tsu?

Tsu what is it?

Tsu is an excellent opportunity to earn more money, quietly you. This is a Social Network, where you can have friends and subscribers, and share the articles, links, images … So far everything there was more normal, except that Tsu pays you! Unlike other social networks, 90% of revenues that the platform generates will be paid back!

To register you must be sponsored, enter the address of a profile tsu at registration

tsu registration


Unity makes strength!

So sharing quality content, which will bring about likes, sharing, views and comments will earn you money.

It’s even better if your “friends” are you also earn money from the income it generates and this is the case in Tsu

To you build your “family tree “!


Example : If Allison  invites Brian  and Brian  invited Charlotte  and  Charlotte  invites David.

-David  generates $ 100 .

-90%  for users, in which case the user will share $ 90 .

Tsu will receive 10% , in this case it will receive $ 10 .

David the content creator will receive 50% to 90%  remaining => 45% = $ 45 .

Charlotte  receive 33.3% (1/3 of 90%) => $ 30

Brian  will receive 11.1 % ( 1/3 1/3 90% = 90% 1/9 ) => $ 10

Allison receive 3.70 % ( 1/3 1/3 1/3 90% 1/27 = 90% ) => $ 3.33

If you do that on a large scale … Imagine the tremendous income you’ll earn? It’s better to waste time on Tsu than facebook, at least you get paid for it!

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This schematic of “Family Tree” is hyper interesting and lucrative uses the same principle as in this affiliate program

How to earn more with Tsu?

  • Add and follow friends as much as you can. It’s a great way to increase your friends and subscriber.
  • Share your referral link / sponsor as much as you can. This will help you increase your revenues from operations, comments, like … You can share through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and many other ways.
  • Invite many friends tsu it will also help you increase your sales.
  • Create a blog or an article and post your referral link and share it across your social réseaus.

How do I get paid?

Select the “bank” tab on the left side of the navigation bar, click “redeem your money” and complete the application. Tsu perform validation checks before mailing a check to the user. A user must have a minimum of $ 100 in their bank Tsu to request a check.

tsu payment

And a few days later …

Tsu check

So do not wait, Register Tsu

And post your comments as soon as you win your first $$


FREE 50 Tsu Followers!

Share this, you will get a code, contact me and give me the code

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