To improve your visibility and ranking on google  you have to create links, but good links.

You can use Top SEO software to automate this tedious task a minimum.

But this is wrong? Yes and no.

Misused, an app can get you the twists for Google, properly use and mastered it can be a great help. The main rule is not to do too much at once and link to filter the types of links, all links are not quality for “linker” to the main site.

We must therefore focus on the links contextual standard qualities, articles, directories … or use a blog network or Web 2.0 that will buffer between your site and the links created with softs and start rank and making solid money !

GHS Tools

GHS Tools is accessible via a Web browser and allows you to control robots that operate 7 days / 7 and 24 hours / 24 on remote servers. The GHS robots are specially designed to simulate actions made ​​by human and decision started is very simple. they will allow you to create accounts on sites, publish content, scraper urls, email address, convert, export, sort, edit, delete etc …

Find out how GHS Tools can save considerable time:

Manage your backlink levels:
Sort your plane backlink by language and thematic pagerank choose the ones you want to reference your site.
Target your backlinks according to your sites and your strategies!
Manage your sites per thousand in a few clicks:
Intuitive Manager allows you to categorize your site, edit and delete them.
You manage your sites and those of your customers easily!
Manage your account creation tasks:
You can configure the account creation tasks that our robots will do for you, you can also delete or pause.
Create accounts automatically and above all gradually!
Manage your Submission spots:
You can configure bid stains on sites that our robots will do for you, you can also delete or pause.
Submit your content automatically and above all gradually!
Scrapers backlinks on Google is automatic and free:
You stick your footprints GHS Tools list and you show the urls.
No need for VPN or Proxy!
Spinner automatically and free of the content The API is available through the “Site Management” and “Management of blogs.”
You click and your text is spinne!
Generate Google position reports:
The keywords you add in GHS Tools can be Tracke in Google.
The monitoring of positions is automatic and daily!
Identify the long tail in Google:
Ghs tools saves all Google SERPs. It is therefore able to tell you your positions.
No need to indicate your keywords!
Generate false identities:
With a single click you can generate more fictitious identities that will be used for your spots.
You simulate users!
Crack all kinds of captchas automatically
using its own tools Ghs captcha bypass technology but also works with your DE-CAPTCHER.INFO and DEATHBYCAPTCHA accounts. No more captcha stops you!
Generate catchalls automatically:
You can buy domain names of your choice and install automatically on our servers and turn them into catchall.
You can create an unlimited number of email!
Manage your blogs and blog networks:
You can create an unlimited number of blogs on platforms known as WordPress, Tumblr, Sosblogs, Elgg, wpmu and to publish your articles.
Blog limitless to create the buzz!
Manage your blog posts:
You can create articles to post on your blogs, spinner automatically, create from RSS feeds, edit, delete, and organize them according to various criteria.
Write or generate articles for automatically post !
Create robots twitter:
For every identity you can create a Twitter account, connect automatically to a TwitterFeed account also automatically created to tweet through your RSS feeds.
Check unlimited twitter account!


Register for free, Deposit 20€ so you will have 30€ with the Free 10€ in welcome, Play with the beast and look your ranking, you will fall in love with it!

The price

Another good point you have 2 options:

– Take a subscription, allowing you to create shares without limits, create as many backlinks as you want.

– In credit, you buy  20,  50,  100 … credit you use to do tasks

You can buy some credit, in addition to € 10 offered for inclusion , to test the app, and see if you go to subscription or not

My Opinion

This is a very good app. Note that it is necessary to create the right type of connection as I said above. To your site, and the quality, pop … Then other types of links to send juice to your previous links or buffers Blogs.


I strongly advice you to get an idea by testing the app with 10 € offered, it’s here!

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