affiliate program that really convert

This is the best Affiliate program i never Joined!

Product convert like crazy, it’s all about Seo service and Social media popularity (Facebook Fan/Like, Youtube Like/Views and subsribers, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Soundcloud services).

You earn on 3 referral levels so if you sponsor active people who searching for more custommers, you still touch commissions on them!

But the crazy thing is that: The site just publish a Free category to test their services!

So what convert better that promoting Free Product ? It’s so easy!

Promote the website by offering 100 Facebook fans, or 50 Youtube video like, sure everybody will register and become godson, Thanks to you they will get a 15% voucher for their next order.

When they order again, and sure they will (They like the service and have 15% voucher !) , BOOM!!! You touch your commissions.

If they are active and search new people, BOOM!!! You still touch commissions ! and like this on 3 levels!

It’s so crazy, i can’t keep this for me!

You can find more info about this fantastic program here , and register here to grab your affiliate link and start making easy money!

Once done, go to your account -> Sponsorship Program and grab your Affiliate links, it will looks like , 21212 is your affiliate number.

Tips of the day: You can send people directly on the free section, just add “?s=XXXXX” at the end of the url, it works for any urls of the website ( the XXXXX must be replaced by your affiliate number)

So for send to the free section ->

For the sen to the 100 free facebook fans ->

And like this for any url.

It’s just the good time to join this amazing Affiliate program because with the free product, you easily build a big pyramid of Godson, they receive 15% voucher, and when they will order, you will touch so much money!!

All links of this post is non affiliate, i don’t try to get you, i already have a Big pyramid of godson and earn between 500 to 1000€ each month!

You don’t believe me, so give a try! It’s free, quick, simple, and can only give you more that you already have!!

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To your Success!


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