It took us long 8 months redeveloping the system, but now RankWyz 2.0 is ready and I’m absolutely positive we don’t have competitors again.

Without repeating feature list all over again, here is the summary of the changes and improvements since last year

PBN Manager- Remote management of your PBN blogs – update, backup and analytics

SEO Profiles– Aggregated SEO metrics collected from ahrefs, semrusn and majestic

Backlinks monitor – your backlinks loaded from ahrefs and majestic, can be exported or automatically send to your RW campaign for backlinking

RankWyz WP – wordpress plugin that automatically sends all your published URLs to your RW campaigns for massive backlinking

RSS Monitors – if your site is not a WP you can automatically send all new URLs to your campaigns by monitoring feeds

Uptime Monitors – track and get notified when your PBN blogs go offline and see when it’s time to change a hosting

LinkProfiles – advances anchor and links profile builder,that allows visually combine primary, secondary, generic anchors with different source of links and and combination with Link Templates create infinite variation of links

LinkVault – online links storage that regularly checks if your links are alive and contain the link to your money site, so you don’t waste efforts backlinking dead links

Push Submissions – specifically designed for backlinking that posts your URL exactly configured number of times, using themed Content and Link Placement

RankTracker – bulk rank tracker to track deep positions (500+) of all your blogs (PBNs and Web2) in the project

Automation – based on your criteria (metrics, number of posts, indexed pages,ranking) you set system to move your blogs from network to network and separate blogs that you are building authority and blogs ready for placing links.

Social Signals – support to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Pages and Groups.
and on top of all that our most recent jewel –
Topics Content with Mixed Sources – extremely flexible and highly targeted content built from the “topics”. Unlike any other content system out there that uses keywords mashup, every article will be generated exactly on the topic and more important – same topic will be used to create content when second/third tier posts created. Essentially, if one of your topics is “yoga for lower back pain”, not only article will be created targeted this very specific topic, but it will be backlinked from the pages created based on the the same topic.

Our main focus at the moment – continuous improvements in quality and relevancy of generated content, I strongly believe that next PBN slap will be not from discovering networks based on complex analysis of links and backlinks as many believe, but based on lowering value of poor quality content. Exactly same way as thin mashup sites were removed from SERP 3-4 years ago, similar types of PBN blogs will stop working sooner or later (best case scenario) or start hurting your main site.
There is lot of new development going on at RankWyz and our team is growing fast to make sure we can meet our goal and today we are looking for a temporary lower our prices and continue funding new development.

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You can select your plan and signup here with 35% oFF

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